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Benefits of Licorice - What Can Licorice Really Do?

Some of rumored benefits of licorice are warranted, and some are not. So which ones are really true and which ones are just sales hype? Discover the truth and you will find that this supplement that can benefit most any health adult. For example, licorice can help with certain stomach issues, and in some cases it can even help relive a cough. It is known to have some weight loss properties, but it really is not effective as a single weight loss supplement. The key with licorice is to realize that it can be very beneficial in the right formula and amounts, but taken incorrectly it can cause more trouble than it is worth.

Most supplements today remove the dangerous compound that licorice contains, allowing consumers to enjoy the benefits of licorice safely and without worry. The most commonly considered benefit is the root's ability to help prevent stomach ulcers naturally. Its ability to keep stomach acid balanced is what allows it to do so, but it must be taken regularly to maintain the benefit. Keeping stomach acid balanced is also what gives it the ability to aid in weight loss, though it should only be taken as a compliment to a healthy, balanced weight loss plan and not depended upon as the actual source of weight loss itself.

Another of the benefits of licorice is its ability to calm a cough from a cold or asthma. While some have seen this to be successful, and it is certainly worth a try, it is not safe to discontinue other medications in favor of licorice supplements at this time. There has simply not been enough research as of yet. Again, it really works better as a compliment to other medication. It is important to realize that while it is perfectly safe if taken correctly for healthy adults, it is not considered safe for children and should not be given to them. This also means that women who are pregnant or nursing should not take licorice supplements.

The benefits of licorice are proven, but some are unsure due to possible known unsavory side effects. The key is to follow the supplement directions very carefully, and then there is nothing to worry about. You can begin enjoying a healthier digestive system, fewer ulcers, and possibly even breathe easier all thanks to one little licorice pill. Though it comes in other forms, taking it as a capsule is really the easiest and most convenient way to enjoy these benefits.